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Technologies and Protocols

Dentist Chairs




New Technologies

  • Air scrubbing systems – use UV, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide to kill bacteria and viruses in office air and on surfaces.

  • HEPA air filters built in – filter 99.97% of viruses and bacteria to 0.3 nanometers.

  • HEPA air purifiers floor - filters placed throughout the office. 

  • Specialized helmets - worn by dentists, hygienists and assistants while treating patients, in addition to disposable gowns and gloves.

  • Customized suction units, not available on-line,  which have tubes that come near the patient, to evacuate anything that escapes the patients mouth.  Clearing the air every 8 seconds! Much more powerful than anything commercially available for dentistry.  This also serves to provide negative pressure in the operatory.

  • Ozonated and Hypochlorous water – safe for human use while killing the virus, used in Europe in place of Chlorine in water.  This will be used to disinfect every inch of the operatory between patients; even more effective than standard dental wipes.  This will also be used in other applications in the office as well.

  • Barriers all over the office for air separation between.

  • Door buzzer – to limit the number of people inside the office.

  • 24 hour remote air monitoring to make sure our systems are always working at peak efficiancy.

  • many more technologies.

  • Clean Gowns changed between every patient.

  • Clear Barriers in waiting room and reception.



New Protocols

  • Only one patient allowed in the office at a time (including a caretaker/parent).

  • Monitoring of patient flow so that patients are never near each other in the office.

  • All patients will wait in cars until designated appointment times.

  • No toys or books allowed in waiting room.  No beverages supplied to patients due to risk.

  • A non-touch thermometer will be used to screen all patients.

  • Patients will complete a medical history update, including any recent fevers/COVID-19.

  • All paperwork and no touch payments available on-line, to minimize interaction.

  • All patients (except young children) will be asked to wear a mask and disinfect their hands (both provided if needed).

  • All patients will be asked to rinse their mouths with an antiviral mouthwash, as recommended by the ADA and CDC.

  • All staff will wear either a mask, shield or a helmet at all times.

  • Patient requests regarding masking ALWAYS honored.

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